Research Grant for Coaching Practices in Early Language and Literacy

The purpose of this grant mechanism is to provide funding for research on the implementation of coaching practices for early language and literacy development for children birth to age 8 that create the conditions for all children to be on the path to third-grade reading proficiency as defined by the GGR four-pillar framework of language nutrition, access, positive learning climate, and teacher preparation and effectiveness. Funding will be provided to University System of Georgia Institutions and State Agencies to create a collaboration with an ongoing early language and literacy program for children birth to age 8 that specifically incorporates a coaching approach. Utilizing implementation science principles, grantees are expected to design and implement a research study that looks at the implementation of early language and literacy coaching with an understanding of the developmental and contextual differences in a manner that allows community organizations, the education sector, and children to realize the benefits of coaching and sustain these benefits over time.