Virtual Professional Learning Monthly Series

Virtual Learning Series 1

Event #1

Words, Words, and More Words: Oral Language Foundations for Literacy

By Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson


Event #2

How Neuroscience Can Teach Us about Language and Reading in the Developing Brain

By Dr. Lama K. Farran, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


Event #3

Supporting Language and Vocabulary Development for Early Learners

By Dr. Susan J Chambre

Event #4

Phonemic Awareness and Proficiency: Sound Instruction Foundational for Skilled Reading

By Dr. Pam Kastner

Event #5

A Road Map to the On Ramp of Sight Word Automaticity

Dr. Mary Dahlgren

Event #6

Decodable Text: Text Tools for Building Skilled Readers

Dr. Pam Kastner

Event #7

Reading Fluency: Understanding, Assessing, and Developing this Essential Skill

Dr. Jan Hasbrouck

Virtual Learning Series 2:

Event #1

Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties

Dr. Jennifer Lindstrom

The second series of our Virtual Professional Learning can be found here