Committed to improving the early language

and literacy skills of every child by age 8.


We must make a concerted effort to increase the percentage of children reading at grade level by the completion of third grade. Georgia currently prepares only 34% of children for reading proficiency by the end of third grade. That means only 1 in 3 eight year olds are ready and able to confidently proceed to the fourth grade with the critical foundation of early language and literacy. And this has dire consequences for the remaining children who often get left behind. Children need to read well and proficiently to have the best chance for success in education and ultimately in the work force and in life.

Governor Nathan Deal & First Lady Sandra Dunagan Deal

Writing the Next Chapter on Childhood Literacy

Childhood literacy isn’t just about opening books. It’s about opening doors. That’s why at the Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy, we’re invested in helping every Georgia child learn to read proficiently. Working alongside universities, early childhood education programs and other key stakeholders, we collect and share literacy best practices with childhood educators. We also offer professional training to those professionals, ensuring that they have the resources they need to be effective in the classroom and beyond.